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Jet Brokerage

Jet brokerage, at its core, is a specialized service that connects clients seeking private air travel with a network of aircraft operators and owners. It operates on a fundamental principle of matching client needs with available aircraft, ensuring seamless and customized travel experiences. Whether it’s for business engagements, leisure pursuits, or urgent travel requirements, jet brokerage provides flexible solutions tailored to individual preferences.

CO2 Removal

Our brokers have an in-depth experience of carbon removal and has been tailoring solutions for many years. Thanks to our ties to the carbon removal industry, we can tailor the best solution for our frequent jet flyers and make sure that the CO2 accounting is precise and audited.

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Every day, hundreds of aircraft return home EMPTY after a charter or fly EMPTY to pick up passengers. These flights are inevitable but they can be RECYCLED! Use our innovative APP to locate them and book a seat… or the entire aircraft.

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Net 0

The Business Aviation Industry is spearheadingĀ  technological research in terms of SAF, aircraft efficiency and Carbon Removal in order to reach NET 0 emissions by 2050.


Our JetCard is a fun way to fly: instead of thinking about flight hour, think about carbon emissions and discover a new and innovative way to book your jet.


Corporations need to travel efficiently but often have to deal with Carbon audits and corporate responsibility to their shareholders or customers. Our system streamlines this process.

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